SingularityDAO Airdrop

In order to reward the loyalty of our AGIX token holders community and to achieve greater decentralization of our ecosystem, we are airdropping 5,000,000 of SDAO tokens, equal to 5% of the whole SingularityDAO governance supply to our valued community members. The airdrop is reserved for AGIX token holders.
Read more: Airdrop Details

Total Pool Amount

1,125,000 SDAO

Registration period

Start: June 20th, 12:00 pm UTC

End: June 23rd, 23:59 UTC

Claiming Period

June 25th
12:00pm UTC

Airdrop rules

Step 1

Connect your wallet and check if you are eligible according to the airdrop details listed on our blog post announcement

Step 2

Authorize the connection through your metamask or WEB3 wallet

Step 3

Click on the Register button
If you are successful, a pop up will appear confirming that your eligible

Step 4

A few days after the registration period ends, you can claim your tokens on this page. Note that registering will not incur Gas costs, but claiming tokens will! When you claim your tokens they will be sent to your personal Ethereum address.

Next airdrop windows:

When a registration period begins please return to this page to register for your new batch of SDAO tokens.

You can claim your new SDAO tokens a few days after each registration period OR let them accumulate and claim them when you want, but at the latest 23rd of August 2021! As long as you do not claim, the tokens will accumulate in your personal account until you do make a claim. At that point all the accumulated tokens will be sent to your personal wallet. You cannot choose to make a partial claim. For example, if you have 1000 SDAO ready for claiming in your personal account, when you claim you’ll receive the full 1000, you cannot choose a different amount to claim.


1) Claiming is only possible up until the final period on the 23rd of August. Make sure you have claimed your tokens after the last registration period and before the 23rd of August.

2) Even if you plan to claim all of your tokens at the final claiming period you DO NEED to REGISTER for each period separately!

Issues in registering?